Suck-ulent It!

So, I did something kind of dumb tonight. Not super dumbĀ on the scale of the true idiocy I can get myself into, but pretty fucking silly when I thought about it. I spent a dozen dollars on a trio of succulents. BFD, right? Well, here's the thing: I bought a dozen dollars' worth of somewhat … Continue reading Suck-ulent It!



My America died last night, suicided on a double blade of ignorance and arrogance, swallowing a lethal dose of apathy. Her last words were, "It's a rigged system," whispering the rhetoric that drove her to the edge. My America died last night. Sadly, Murica lives on.

Joyfully Annoyed

Ten years ago, I was writing a book that was interrupted by writing another book. Eight weeks ago, I was reminded that I wrote the other book, because I'm the kind of special little snowflake who's actually capable of writing a novel, then forgetting all about it. That might denote a bigger problem down the … Continue reading Joyfully Annoyed